Are you a Deva?

      DevaCurl is truly calling all curls! From S’wavy to Corkscrew curls, DevaCurl has revolutionized the beautiful and natural curl!


First off, determine your curl:

S’Wavy Curls: You Have… Hair that seems straight but could be encouraged to wave, slight bend at the ends, and a low frizz factor

Wavy Curls: You Have… Comined wave and curl pattern, tendency to look flat at the crown, and low to medium frizz factor

Botticelli Curls: You Have… Curls that gracefully cascade downard, curls that often appear bulky and vary in shape and size

Corkscrew Curls: Curls that resemble tightly wound coils and small spirals, curls that appear shorter and do not reveal actual length, and high frizz factor

For anyone with these curls, DevaCurl has designed a three step system to cleanse, hydrate, and define your curls. Once you go Deva, you never go back! 

Book a DevaWash today and receive a free trial kit! $30